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Keeping in mind the valuable contribution that our company could make to society in the healthcare and wellness segment, given our leadership status, we were inspired to establish the ‘Mediccom Academy’ an institution founded with a vision to offer pharmaceutical and clinical education programmes to Sri Lankan youth. This Endeavour has resulted in valuable benefits for the youth: increasing knowledge about the field and ensuring that industry standards are understood and met.
Our Unique Offering
In our vision to be an innovative Pharmaceutical and Beauty Product Superstore, we have designed a business model which will propel Mediccom Superdrugs to the forefront of the sector. Our stakeholders and partners can expect the following advantages.
Open 24/7
Pharmaceutical products and services are essential items, often required at very short notice. Mediccom Superdrugs Pharmacy will be the first privately-owned pharmacy in sri lanka to remain open 24/7 - offering care, guidance and medical advice around the clock.
Fully-Qualified Doctor
A fully-qualified doctor will always be available at every Mediccom Superdrugs Pharmacy store for patient consultations about prescriptions and related medical/clinical issues, including the monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as advice on usage of medical equipment and patient care. This unique service offers precious value addition for customers looking for reassurance from a qualified medical professional. We also intend to be active in training and educating staff and customers alike on the usage and maintenance of medical equipment..
Fully-Qualified Beauty Consultant
An expert Beauty Consultant will be present at our Beauty Counter to impart advice on cosmetics, skin care and related beauty matters, thus ensuring that the customer uses the right product for their need, driving further brand loyalty.
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